Wilton Baptist Church | Photo Journal

Wilton Baptist Church in Wilton, Alabama

Wilton Baptist Church Sign

(L to R)  Pastor Steve, Elaina, Sis. Charlotte, Elise, Joyce and Carter, Lynn and Lily.  Lynn and Joyce have been angels of strength in helping Pastor Steve and Charlotte with all the children.

The Foster Family
(L to R) Carmela, Rev. Roland, Deloris, Austin, Kim and Bro. Ron. Bro. Ron did an outstanding job leading the choir and music and singing specials. Wow! Austin raised the roof with his special on Wednesday night. This is a very gifted and loving family.

Donna and Buddy Brantley. Sis. Donna blessed all in attendance with her beautiful, ministering music on the piano keyboard. What a precious and caring couple.

Bro. Ron Foster, Pastor Steve Johnson and Bro. Donny Thomason.

Deacons (L to R) Bobby Sherrer, Randy Johnson and Chuck Hogge. These guys really made us welcome and were such a joy to worship with.

Left side of the congregation on Wednesday night.

Right side of the congregation on Wednesday night.

Rev. David Evans with his grandson, T.J. Evans. Bro. David is the church music director and truly loves the Lord and his beautiful grandson.

Nana Lynn and the beautiful Johnson children.

Caleb Johnson kneels as he enjoys having his picture taken.

Evening Supper Fellowship Pictures


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