Sheila's Reflections                                                   


March 2017

"A Lasting Revival"


Wilt thou not revive us again: that they people may rejoice in thee?
Psalm 85:6

My heart is still rejoicing over the revival Donny ran this month. When he presented the gospel each service you could feel the powerful working of the Holy Spirit. Many came to the alter when the invitation was given, faithfully believing the Lord would meet their needs as they poured out their hearts to Him.

God gloriously touched and changed lives during the revival. I know, for He touched my life and made some changes in my own heart. His preached Word fed us, encouraged us, pruned us, delighted us, affirmed us, blessed us, convicted us and brought healing to our hurting hearts. 

It's so easy to serve the Lord, to sing His praises, to lift our hands in true worship of Him, to witness of His goodness, and to kneel down in prayer before Him, when attending revival services among like Christians. The true test of the lasting effects of the revival was addressed by Pastor Jimmy McLain when he asked..."When the services end will revival last? Will the flame of obedience  continue to burn within us as we go our separate ways?" I've thought long and hard on these questions and the Lord led me to a poem called "A Lasting Revival"  written by an unknown author. It encourages us with ways to keep revival burning within us. I pray you will be blessed as you read it for yourself.


 Thou hast revived thy people, Lord,

In the glorious days just past!

We have felt thy wonderous power,

And our hearts ask, "Will it last?"


It will last if we continue

As did thy disciples of old,

Steadfast in prayer and service,

Winning others to thy fold.


Studying daily thy blessed Word,

Having fellowship deep and sweet,

Exalting Jesus, our blessed Lord,

Laying our gifts at his feet.


Heaven's revival glow will stay

If we continue in his way!

God bless you until our next visit -


  P.S.    Remember we are the only one limiting revival in our hearts!


2006, Search The Word Ministry