Lighthouse Baptist | Photo Journal

Lighthouse Baptist Church in Hollis, Alabama

Church Sign

Pastor Rob, Sis. Janice and Kristi Turley

Janice, Pastor Rob, Bro. Donny and Sheila

Bro. Donny and Sis. Sheila Thomason

Shannon and DeeGee Barker

Tommie, Micheal, Dalton, Aaron and Abigail

Karen, Terry and Mike

Doodle and Tia-Lisa

Catelyn and Justin

Scott, Renee, Shelby, Joshua and Andrea

DeeGee, Aaron and Lora

Sis. Morris and Pastor Rob

Bobby, Betty, Samantha and Doodle

Jed and Martha

Mackie and Linda

Kristi and DeeGee

Randy, Pam, Taylor, Tia-Lisa and Jeremiah

Randy and Pam

Perry, Bonnie and Amanda

Jeremy, Chanda, Justin and Catelyn

Glenda and Lori

Every country church has a church dog.
Pastor Rob told me this one was very faithful. LOL


2006, Search The Word Ministry