Friends | Photo Journal

The Johnson Family
John John, Toni Crews, Debra and Bro. Johnny. This picture was taken at Bro. Johnny's retirement party. Sheila and I count this family as our precious friends and more like family.

Bro. John and Sis. Glenda Akers. Members of Gardendale's 1st Baptist Church. Bro. John is a deacon there and they have supported this ministry over 19 years. My parents loved them and so do we. They are wonderful folks!

Bro. Johnny and Sis. Debra Johnson. It would take volumes of words to express the blessing this family has been in our lives. We love them and are grateful for their support of this ministry every month for over 20 years.

Sis. Wanda, Megan, Amber and Bro. Tim Robinson from Newsite, Alabama. Bro. Tim and Sis. Wanda is raising their precious granddaughters since the Lord took their parent's home to be with Him. Cindy was a blessing and we know they miss her and her husband greatly. We have known them for many years and appreciate their love and friendship.

Officer Bill Cox is our neighbor and we feel safe with him patrolling the streets on his new scooter. LOL. Thanks Bill and Kay for everything. Good neighbors are a blessing!

Terri and Zack Alsobrooks. Precious friends of Bro. Donny and Sheila. Terri is an Executive Secretary for a leading law firm in Birmingham, Al. They belong to Gardendales 1st Baptist Church.

This is Gary Keller who was interviewed on the September 18 broadcast.
He works with Bro. Donny and took a mission trip with a group of men
from the Valleydale Baptist Church to China.

These are some of our dearest friends. (L to R) Meredith, Brenda and Randall
Phillips. Meredith was born while I was their Pastor back in the 80's. True
friends are hard to fine but when you do you have a precious gift and
blessed relationship for life.

Bob and Joan Ratchford. Bob is my producer at WXJC Radio and has been a great blessing to this ministry. Joan is on the City Council of Irondale, Alabama and is such a precious lady. I love and appreciate them both.

Rev. Jimmy and Sis. Jeanette Rogers are dear friends and faithful supporters of this ministry. Bro. Jimmy has been preaching the Gospel many years and has been a dedicated servant of the Lord. Sheila and I love them both deeply.

2006, Search The Word Ministry