Family | Photo Journal

Bro. Donny and Sheila Thomason

Woodrow Thomason, Bro. Donny's dad who has been at home
with the Lord since 1970. Dorothy Thomason, Bro. Donny's mother who reunited with
Woody in heaven, in 1990.

Jimmie Dee Hudson. This is Sheila's dad. He doesn't live
with our family anymore. He went home to be with the Lord in the fall of 1994.
He is enjoying himself and awaiting our arrival.

Neal and Mary Jo Pounders, Sheila's mother, live in
Russellville, Alabama. Jo plays the piano and sings. She is a
health care worker. Neal is a retired state trooper.

Brenda and Phil Killian. Brenda is Bro. Donny's oldest sister. She owns and operates Aunt Bzzz Treasures and Memories in Fultondale, Alabama. Known as Aunt B, she is gifted at scrapbooking and is a member of A.G.O.D.A. painters' guild. Phil is retired and loves to play golf, fish and build birdhouses for the entire neighborhood.

Donna and Greg Powers. Donna is Bro. Donny's youngest sister. She is a graduate of UAB and a great mom. Greg owns and operates Powers Electric, LLC in Gardendale, Alabama. His hobby is stock car racing and has been in the winner circle many times. They are members of Gardendale's 1st Baptist Church. They are the parents of Ethan, Adam and Meredith.

Teresa and Troy Anglin. Teresa is Sheila's middle sister. She is the manager for the Housing Authorities in Hackleburg and Bear Creek Alabama. Troy works with the rescue and fire squad and is a Veteran. We are proud of him for serving his country. They are the parents of Tashia.

Tina and Randy Jones. Tina is Sheila's youngest sister. Tina is a home executive and subs at Hackleburg Elementary School. Randy is a talented guitarist and loves to fish and hunt. They are the parents of Micah and Andrew.

Adam, Meredith and Ethan Powers.

Micah, Tashia and Andrew.

Donna and Brenda.

Tina, Teresa and Sheila.

Tashia Anglin. She attends Hackleburg High School and plays the clarinet in the band. This year she will also be a flag girl. Tashia is very involved in the signing ministry at her church. She is looking forward to getting her license this October.

Ethan Powers. He loves to play football, baseball and water sports. This year he planted his first garden and also got his drivers permit. He is actively involved in his church and is a good role model for his bother and sister.

Micah Jones. He is our thinker in the family. He loves working the computer and wants to some day design computer games. He loves attending church and is a master at the art of telling jokes.

Adam Powers. He loves to play sports just like his brother. Adam was saved a few years back and I was given the privilege to baptize him. Adam has his Dad's and Uncle Donny's sense of humor. Adam delights in talking about spiritual things of the Bible, especially with Aunt Sheila.

Meredith Powers. She is Ethan and Adam's little sister and our special gift from God. Our family has come to see God's love in its purest form through the special needs of this precious little angel. Meredith radiates love love and acceptance. Those who meet her are blessed to see how God uses her life to mirror His grace. Meredith is a daddy's girl and loves us all! Her favorite thing is giving hugs and kisses.

Andrew Jones. He is a ball of energy! Playing ball, staying out doors and cheering on the Braves are just a few of his favorite past times. In the summer he enjoys attending Vacation Bible School. Wherever you find his dad Randy, you'll find Drew. He loves to laugh and is a prankster as well.

Adam and Ethan.

Ethan loves playing the role of hind-catcher.

Micah Jones.

Andrew Jones.

Meredith Powers with her mother, Donna.

Andew, Tashia and Micah are sure going up fast. We love them.


2006, Search The Word Ministry