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Donny was 8 years old when he received the Lord as his Savior on July 16, 1962, at Fairmont Missionary Baptist Church. As a minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, Donny has been preaching God's Word since July 16, 1972. On July 28, 1975, Donny married Sheila Hudson from Hackleburg, Alabama. Sheila has served faithfully along side him, using her gifts and talents for the Lord. Even though they were unable to have children, they have played a very important role in the lives of their two nieces and four nephews. Tashia Anglin, Ethan Powers, Micah Jones, Adam Powers, Meredith Powers and Andrew Jones have all been a joy and blessing in their lives. The greatest joy is in knowing that each of them is saved.

Donny was ordained at Fairmont Missionary Baptist Church on July 8th of 1973. He served as pastor there through May of 1976. From this beginning as a Bi-vocational minister, Donny has served in numerous churches as pastor or interim pastor. Throughout all these years, he has also done the work of an evangelist on a regular basis. Donny has always been willing to serve in whatever way he was led to help churches be planted, revived, restored, or renewed. He believes in the power of love and prayer demonstrating that in each message he preaches.

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