Sheila's Reflections                                                   

“Who Really Plans Our Day?”

March 2009

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. – Jeremiah 29:11


How many times have you planned the perfect day for yourself or your family to have it interrupted with an event that changed your whole world, until you didn’t even recognize its landscape anymore? To be honest, that has occurred so often in my life that it’s hard to keep count.

If asked, most of us would be able to describe down to the last detail what a perfect day (to us) would look like. We could map out an outline of the sacrifices we would have to make in order for our perfect day to be realized. Then diligently and consistently produce those sacrifices to achieve our goal… A Perfectly Planned Day!

Sadly, in our quest to have what to us is the perfect day we sometimes overlook the fact that some of the most important and memorable moments of our entire lives are unplanned by us…but definitely planned by God. Take for instance, due to the unscheduled run we have to make back to the store to purchase an item we had forgotten, we come face to face with a close friend we hadn’t seen in years. Then how about our planned “Quite Time” alone with the Lord. Everyone in our family knows not to call us during this special time…but apparently someone didn’t get the memo because the piercing ring of the phone rudely interrupts our everyday fellowship with Him! What do we do? We angrily answer it to be greeted with the good news that a certain someone we’ve prayed for daily for the last ten years has finally received Christ! Both unscheduled and unplanned interruptions in our day but so thoughtfully timed and designed blessings by our “Heavenly Father” just for us. So the next time our perfect day doesn’t go according to our plans we need to remember that often our greatest blessings come from unscheduled and unplanned detours.


God bless you until our next visit,


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