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Thank you for visiting our site. Dr. Adrian Rogers addresses the great challenge of the Christian life, obedience. Following this principle will bless your life. I certainly believe that Dr. Rogers was one of the most precious men of God to ever proclaim the Word of God that has ever lived. He and his wife Joyce have touched the lives of millions.


The Principle Of Obedience

The greatest principle is that of obedience to God, and it always takes priority over the lesser
principle of obedience to men. You can find examples of this all in the Bible.

If they told me not to preach anymore, I’m just gonna keep on preaching! They may take off my head, but I’m gonna keep on preaching because God has told me to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And if that’s disobedience, so be it!

The Pharaoh in Moses’ day said all the little boy babies are to be killed. Well, the godly midwives would not kill the little boy babies. That was disobedience. And if you work in a hospital and
they’re performing an abortion, you just say, "I’m outta here." Now it was the law in Herod’s day, but they did not do it. They told Daniel, "Daniel, you cannot pray!" But Daniel prayed.

The church is not the servant of the state. The church is not the master of the state. The church is the conscience of the state. We will be civil, but we will not be silent.

Acts 5:29 says, “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, we ought to obey God rather than men.”


Adrian Rogers


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