Moment Messages

August 2008

Doubt or Faith

When our faith becomes weak it may be a sign we are not digging into the Word enough. Our time in prayer, in worship and in God’s Word is essential to our having a closer walk with the Lord and the strengthening of our faith. Doubt will always be somewhere close by. Satan knows not only when but also how to attack our faith. Faith does come by hearing and hearing by the Word God has given us. When we are blessed, our cup is running over and we seem be high on the mountain with God, there will be a test around the bend. I have found that moments of great faith are sometimes followed by moment so great testing. May we be reminded that in Him we live and have our being? Trust God and take Him at this Word and He will guide you by His marvelous peace and soaring faith. 

Doubt sees the obstacles’, faith sees the way, 

Doubt sees the darkest night, but faith sees the day. 

Doubt dreads to take a step, but faith soars on high, 

Doubt says, “Who believes,” faith answers “I.” 

May the Lord bless your daily walk of faith with Him right now as you feast on His Word. 

In Christ, 

Bro. Donny

2006, Search The Word Ministry