Moment Messages

September 2006

Taking God at His Word

 Do you ever find yourself believing, trusting God for His best in your life, and yet struggling with unbelief? Has your prayers ever seemed empty and lifeless as you cried out to the Lord? At some time or other this happens to us all who walk by faith in a world of changing ideologies. Often we find to trust God is an exercise easier preached than practiced. Trusting God should be based on His love, His word and not on some emotion, feeling or circumstance that we are experiencing. Our faith is not embedded in the concept of what we see before us but rather in what is promised in the sovereign, Word of God.

 When we are willing to trust God and take him at his Word, we grow stronger in believing his promises, and then receiving His intervention. We benefit by a wonderful sense of freedom through our obedience in letting the Lord have his will in all the circumstances of our lives. It is only through laying down our cares before the Lord and trusting Him, that we come to see the benefits of trust. They are as follows.

 1.                  We will be free to know what comes our way is from the Lord.

 2.                  We will be free from the cycle of striving for things, which can never really satisfy our longings.

 3.                  We will be free from the concern over whether we have made the right choices or settled for less.

 4.                  We will have an overwhelming joy and peace given to us with the freedom to praise and worship

 5.                  We will have in our hearts a truly genuine, grateful spirit.

 It should be the desire of us all to walk pure and free in daily fellowship with our Savior. To do so, is to walk by FAITH!

 In Christ,

Bro. Donny


2006, Search The Word Ministry