Moment Messages

August 2006

“Keeping Focused”

July 28, 2006

 The health of the church is vital in this day of changing times. Keeping focused on the message of our risen Lord and not being entangled in minor issues is a must. Our Lord Jesus Christ calls upon us to worship in spirit and in truth. When worship is in proper balance, keeping focused in never that difficult. The central theme of our services should never change. Christ must be in the midst in order for sinners to be drawn to him. As living epistles Christ reigns as our focal point for living. All of humanity is in need of experiencing the amazing grace of God. 

Without proper scriptural leadership, churches today can easily become social centers, where folks meet to satisfy physical hunger instead of meeting spiritual needs. Weekly these folks gather for tea socials, ice cream fellowships and chicken dinners. Christians should be on the alert, for these churches eventually become as weak as the tea, as cold as the ice cream and as dead as the chicken. 

It is the duty of each member in the church to keep focused on the Word of God and to search daily the Holy Scriptures ensuring each of us of sound worship. Many have erred from the faith and turned aside to false doctrines in search of a more meaningful worship event. Always remember that selfish motives will blur your spiritual vision and weaken your spiritual insight. Scripture warns us of a falling away in the last days. Not just from Bible values and life changing truths, but from public commitment and worship attendance. No where are we told in God’s Word that we should fall away with them. We are to stay balanced and in love with the truths of God while being true blue to the Word and it’s principles for living. Keep focused on the Lord and continue to feed yourselves from the Word. Do not be a disabled Christian who always wants to be spoon-fed. Some one who is not willing to seek out the spiritual food of God that is awaiting you in the Bible. Keep focused on the one who stands in the center of every need in our lives and by the riches of Heaven are able to meet them. “Keep focused!”  

In Christ,

Bro. Donny


2006, Search The Word Ministry