Moment Messages

"Who's Camp Are You In?"

May 2006

WARNING: This moment message became a minute message as I pulled out the old soapbox for this one.

Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired? I think I am there now. So often I am ask the question, “Who’s camp are you in? Are you in Falwell’s camp, the Southern Baptist camp, the non denominational camp, the independent camp and so on.” This selfish division ought to make us all sick. I still consider myself a Biblical, conservative, saved child of God who is grounded in the Baptist faith and loves to reach sinners with Calvary’s message of the finished work of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

There are a number of dangerous attitudes that have gripped the hearts of believers today which are damaging to the Kingdom of God and the work of the church. I was raised in an Old Fashion Missionary Baptist Church. I was taught to respect others, value the blessings God has given me and to sow the seed of God’s Word everywhere. If God is no respect of persons and commanded us to preach the Gospel around the world, then what is wrong with walking in obedience to His command?

Some of my preacher brethren have huddled together and drawn the lines as to God’s effectiveness in their thinking, thus refusing to fellowship with anyone who does not see everything eye to eye with their little club. It is like they have put God in a box. He is in their box, only their box, no one else’s box and they seem to act as though God lives and ministers only in them, through them, and only in their group or their box. They have fallen into the traps of authoritarianism, exclusiveness, greedy money grubbing, rationalization, sensuality (moral impurity hidden from man, not God) and the refusal to be accountable. This kind of thinking only produces an empty, shallow shell of a ministry that God will not bless or use. Some folks can be so narrow minded you could poke out both eyeballs with one finger, with just one punch. Others are so opened minded they are empty headed.

I have chosen to live my life for an audience of one, the Lord Jesus Christ. For those who have went into left field of liberal thinking or no longer possess the boldness to stay with the scriptures, I find myself grateful for the reproach of their no longer wanting me to preach for them, or be associated with their camp. Who’s camp am I in? I am in the camp of the Lord Jesus Christ, desiring only to point others to Him and the salvation He has extended to all. I will not compromise the convictions God has placed in my life and I will continue to strive for the blessing of standing true to the Bible and its insights for living. My question to you is where do you stand in you life on the subjects of, standards and convictions right now? Who are you seeking to please? 

In Christ,

Bro. Donny

2006, Search The Word Ministry