Moment Messages

"The Son of My Right Hand"

December 2005

There is a beautiful parallel between the birth of Benjamin and that of Jesus Christ, in Bethlehem. Upon close examination you will find a hidden blessing.

The first time we read about Bethlehem in the Old Testament, we read about a birth. Jacob and Rachel had a son. (Genesis 35:16-19) Rachel endured much pain and hard labor when the child was born. After his difficult birth, she knew she was dying. Rachel wanted his name to be called, Ben-oni, meaning "the son of my sorrow." Jacob his father said no, we will call him Benjamin, which means "the son of my right hand."

The first time we read about Bethlehem in the New Testament, we also read about a birth. Joseph and Mary had a son. (Mathew 2:1) After being overshadowed by the Holy Ghost, Mary gave birth to her firstborn son and called his name JESUS. Nearly thirty three years later standing at the brow of Calvary, Mary must have felt that she had borne into this world, "the son of sorrows." Yet friend, no doubt through His marvelous grace, I believe God surely must have comforted her heart by saying, "No Mary, this is the Son of my right hand."

As we celebrate Christmas this year, may we give thanks to God for the beautiful gift of His Son he gave us that night in Bethlehem. The Incarnate Son of God came down from the throne of glory, to be born as a babe in Bethlehem's manager. Christ birth, his life, his death and his resurrection provides for us, the true reason for the season. Though our politically correct world would love to make this just a secular holiday time, there is no Christmas without acknowledging, the Deity of Jesus Christ! My prayer is that every one of you will be blessed with a joyful and Christ-centered Christmas.

In Christ,

 Brother Donny

2006, Search The Word Ministry